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Lingolsheim, France

Located near Strasbourg, France, the facility was acquired in April 1999 from Aventis. In less than a year, the plant was integrated into Octapharma operations by the transfer of technology for the production of FVIII, immunoglobulins and albumin, using intermediate plasma fractions from the basic fractionation plant in Vienna. Later, Lingolsheim started fractionating plasma and producing Factor IX (FIX) and a prothrombin complex concentrate.


Octapharma has entrusted Lingolsheim to be in charge of producing the new generation of immunoglobulin. This challenge will also be the occasion for the site to obtain its first FDA license. The site employed 80 staff pre-acquisition and now employs 370 people. 


On-site units
Fractionation/purification; pharmaceutical production; Quality Control laboratories; administrative units; storage facilities